Saturday, 15 December 2012

I want to be that girl!

So I'm currently on the job hunt, I graduated in 2011 and managed to get some really beneficial and varied experience since then, I also lived in Hong Kong for 6 months... not bad going in just 18 months. I'm back in England and feeling the full affects of the difficult employment market especially as my dream job is in a really difficult area to break into. Whats my dream job i hear you say?... Human Resources. Those words even make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Every aspect of the Human Resources Advisor, Officer and (to be perfectly honest) Human Resources Administrator job roles sound like pure heaven to me. While on the search I stumbled upon a lay called Laurie Ruettimann. She is the person I would love to be. Her blog posts are comical but direct and boundlessly informative to any young aspiring or accomplished HR proffessional.

This post is currently all relative...

The Resume Isn’t Going Anywhere

Lots of people talk about the death of the resume.
LinkedInFacebookBranchOut, and BeKnown will change everything! You just need to know people and have a social graph in order to get a job!
Yeah, uh, no. That’s not even true on LinkedIn itself where I saw an advertisement to apply for a job as a Human Resources business partner with LinkedIn.
I thought — sweet, I hated being a Human Resources Generalist and it probably doesn’t pay as much as my job, but I’ll take a look.
And sure enough, the posting required me to attach my resume.
Are you kidding me? Isn’t this site one ginormous resume? Is the system down? Did someone break LinkedIn?
No, LinkedIn isn’t broken. That’s just life. And if LinkedIn still requires you to have a resume, you will need one for your chumpy job search with a regular company.
Sorry, dudes. Resumes aren’t going away just yet.
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